To The Future Foundation works for the benefit of the local community in Wroclaw.

It brings people together from a diversity of backgrounds, ages. Supporting children, teenagers, people at risk of social exclusion, people with disabilities, and their guardians. We concentrate on spreading and promoting European values such as democracy and human rights, support cultural and historical education among young citizens of Europe (including shaping the attitude of active citizens and volunteers), acting for tolerance, peace, and understanding between nations, promoting self-development by non-formal learning methodology and encouraging social inclusion by promoting lifelong education and development of 21 competencies for underprivileged groups.

Therefore we organize and participate in local events, meetings, seminaries, workshops, exhibitions, cooperate with non-governmental organizations and local authorities in order to improve healthy behaviors and attitudes, better mental health and well-being, equalizing-economic opportunities, and gender inequalities for women. We are also involved in voluntary service. We focus on building stronger communities by engaging young people to participate in local projects and cooperation to help to ensure social inclusion, increase self-confidence, self-esteem and enhance mutual understanding.